The integrity of Royale Classic is in the integrity or our craftsmanship. We traverse the globe to source the best ingredients to ensure your quality. Our master brewers work tirelessly on our blends and recipes to enrich the senses and gain the right balance of taste, texture and aroma. Our innovation is always evolving to create sublime products that work on all the senses to enhance the drinking experience.

Premium Ingredients

Only the best ingredients make it into our luxury drinks. We pride ourselves on searching out the best growers and suppliers to give our drinks the perfect blend for an all round experience.

All natural ingredients mean we can offer a traditional craft beer taste experience beautifully entwined with the feel of popping a champagne cork.

Master Brewers

Brewing fine beers is an Art. We have the best brewers with decades of experience of blending the finest flavours and creating an exceptional experience like no other.

Our brewing process allows us to ensure the premium quality of our blends at every step. With nothing left to chance, we can deliver an exceptional product consistently and affordably.