When embarking upon the creation of a luxury beverage, we aspired to provide an experience that would be a sensation to the palette in the form of a luxury beer. With the range of luxury drinks available being so diverse, it seemed there was a fine beer experience that was missing. Our team was often asked if we can create a bespoke product to serve at some of the most lavish occasions that was focused on a beer but with the feel of a fine champagne. We set upon a plan to create a product that tasted sublime and seamlessly fit into the aesthetic of the fine wine and Champagne setting. Royale Classic was born and now serves to address the needs of our luxury customer to enjoy an affordable beer celebration experience, anytime, anywhere.


A closely guarded secret, our blend of fine ingredients makes our beer a unique taste experience.

Having drawn on centuries of beer making practices, passed down through generations, our master beer crafters have blended what we see to be one of the finest luxe beer products available on the market. This Knowledge is always evolving as we aspire to produce the best fine drinking experience at an affordable price.


Royale Classic finally affords the distinguished beer consumer the best of a luxury fine champagne experience whilst still enjoying a beautiful craft beer.

No compromise needs to be made when  ordering a drink at dinner, at a bar with friends, or relaxing at home. You can feel the prestige and elegance of a luxury drink while enjoying the tastes you truly love.