Like the exceptional beauty of a flawless diamond, A true luxury experience comes from the sum of all parts. The process to create perfection comes from sourcing the finest raw materials, identifying the potential and crafting something so delicate until it culminates to a final polished representation of excellence. Royale Classic has been finely crafted to deliver such an experience time and time again to enhance the pleasure of drinking a fine beer at any occasion.


Never before has a beer delivered such an experience so Lavish. Historically beer has been the realm of the everyday. Royale Classic delivers a completely elevated experience to be enjoyed in the decedent surroundings such craftsmanship deserves.

A beer that can be enjoyed at the finest establishments with gastronomic delights and captivating company. Royale Classic brings an exceptional beer into a bright, new and luxurious focus, one at home on the finest tables across the globe.


From the first pour, Royale Classic delivers a taste born of the best quality ingredients. A craft beer that has been expertly designed with 100% natural ingredients. The light sweet aromas of honey and the heady intoxication of traditionally cultivated hops, deliver a deep malty flavour with a smooth palette caressing sapor.

Seldom has there been a luxury beer experience to rival that of fine wine and Champagne, offering an opulent sophistication suited to the descering beer aficionado. Royale Classic takes the place of other luxury beverages to cater for all tastes and occasions.